SIRT Pistols

There are several options when it comes to training laser firearms.

SIRT pistols are probably the easiest and most reliable IR training firearms.

We at Point Blank Simulator do not as of yet supply hardware for your training.  So all of these recommendations are made directly by us, we have no monetary interest in the links below, we are literally just showing you one of the better places to buy them.  There are many places that sell SIRTs, such as Brownells, but the prices vary a lot.  Our recommendations are not the be all and end all, do you own research and see if you can get a better deal.

Infrared SIRT 110 Pro (Glock 17)
Infrared shot indicating laser — Metal Slide — Realistic Weight


Infrared SIRT 110 Student (Glock)
Infrared shot indicating laser — Polymer Slide — 4 oz lighter than real pistol


SIRT 110 Spare Magazine (Glock)
A weighted magazine for use with any of the SIRT 110 training pistols.


Infrared Laser Module for SIRT 110
If you already have a SIRT 110 Student (plastic red/red) or Pro (green/red) you can convert your current SIRT to fire IR laser, so it can be used with Point Blank Simulator.


Airsoft Options

With SIRT pistols, you get an amazing training system, but if you need to add recoil into your training, airsoft can be a great choice.

With GBB rifles and pistols, you can convert your current airsoft guns into IR firing.  Point Blank Simulator needs to be IR not red or green.

Again as above, these are just an example of what’s available.  We do not have any financial gain from these recommendations, and there are many vendors out there.  Please do your own research into the best deals you can find.

Airsoft Rail Mounted Laser
A converted airsoft pistol for an affordable recoil training aide solution.


KWA ATP with Laser Conversion
A converted airsoft pistol for an affordable recoil training aide solution.